Derkah, Formicast Host. The man behind the microphone.

Who is Formicast?

Who is Formicast? What is Formicast Podcast? Well folks, it all began one August in 2020 I was outside with my best friend who happens to be a gamer like myself and we were playing a game called Grounded. It’s a “Honey I shrunk the Kids” type of game which led to me telling my friend that there was life in the grass where we were standing. Which led to hour and hours of watching videos on YouTube about insects. Where I ran into Ants Canada and his content. I fell in love right away with the Ants and the hobby itself! I went to the community to find out if there was any type of Podcast for the hobby and when I had asked about starting one due to not finding anything at the time. So the journey began, first year keeping ants and making a show about Ant Keeping. It has been an adventure! Almost one year later and the show has become one of the most listened podcasts in the Ant Keeping Community and has begun something amazing. I am excited to have you a part of this community!

Outside of Ant Keeping & Podcasting


I love to go fishing whenever I can! Check out the Formicast Social Media for anything fishing related.


I am a gamer at heart. I am the former co host of the Nintenfo Podcast with the Host Suliore. Every year I raise money for kids in Hospitals. #extralife

Past Podcasts

Former Co Host of Nintenfo Podcast (2019- 2021)
Main focus for Nintenfo was to get the latest Nintendo News and work on any show notes related things.