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Since the show started back in September of 2020, The Hive has always been there since day one. They are not Ant Keepers Per say but for sure they love anything hobby related. I have been a part of the HIVE community for over a year and am on the creator team and has even led their Echo VR Team which got to Silver during the 2021 Season before turning my full direction to the show.

If interested in becoming a part of such a great community feel free to click on the Hive Logo above.


A podcast about ants and ant keeping, who would have thought? It was very much needed and we’re excited to be a part of it. The Formicast team has done a great job and I look forward to seeing them grow and become even bigger and better!

-Lexy, Por Amor Art

#1 Podcast about Ant Keeping

This is truly a great podcast. Are you an Ant Keeper or a Myrmecologist?

Then you need to Subscribe to this!

-Ant Shack

I feel like this podcast really adds to the hobby as a whole!

Zach, Canada Ant Colony

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