What is the #wedontapprove movement?

What Makes up the movement?




No to Gel Ant Farms

Gel Ant Farms are not good for the ants at all. They lack any type of nutrition for the ants and it is basically a death trap.

Follow your Local Government Laws!

Live Feeding

Does not mean we are not okay with live feeding but we are not okay with people using live feeding for content and gaining viewers and subs. We don’t find it ethical to do such things to other insects. Feeder insects on the other hand are bred for this purpose.

#wedontapprove content

Esthetic Ants

Esthetic Ants started this movement. He got fed up like a lot of us have and made his voice heard! Only forward from here!

Formicast & The Colonial AntCast Crossover

Formicast Podcast, Esthetic Ants, The Urban Ant Keeper, WaKooshi, and Holleufer take the stage to talk about the movement.

Let’s all do our parts! Use the hashtag #wedontapprove and comment why!